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Project Description

iPDC is a free Phasor Data Concentrator based on IEEEC37.118 synchrophasor standard. It also has Database Server for iPDC and PMU Simulator modules. The objective of iPDC project is to create a IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasor standardized Phasor Data Concentrator and PMU Simulator, on which research students and developers can develop and test their algorithms and applications. The purpose of iPDC released as a Free Software to its availability for users without any restriction regarding its usage and modification, also to get the contribution from community users and developers all around the world.


  • iPDC is compliant with IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasor standard.
  • iPDC capable of receiving the data from PMU and iPDC.
  • iPDC would generate combined data frame by performing time aligning, sorting for each timestamps.
  • iPDC able to send data frames to other iPDC's as well as other applications.
  • iPDC directs the received data frames to MySQL database server for storage.
  • The iPDC-database server may run on the local or remote machine.
  • iPDC has option to connect via TCP or UDP.
  • iPDC has a file structure, that stores all the connection and CFG details as being iPDC status.
  • iPDC Setup File can be reload at restarting of iPDC.
  • iPDC is a multi-threaded application, hence the performance is optimistic.
  • iPDC has user friendly Graphical Interface.
  • iPDC is built on free and open source technologies.

PMU Simulator

  • PMU Simulator is compliant with IEEE C37.118 and successfully tested with the PMU Connection Tester.
  • PMU Simulator is configurable for both TCP and UDP communication protocols.
  • PMU Simulator has option to read the PMU measurements from the csv file and generate Data Frames.
  • PMU Simulator has options to introduce different errors in STAT Word at run time.
  • With single installation multiple PMU simulators can be run on a single machine simultaneously.
  • PMU Simulator could be configurable for both 50 & 60 Hz of frequency system.
  • It also has the configuration modification option like add/remove phasor channels at run time.
  • PMU Simulator is a multi-process and multi-threaded application, hence the performance is optimistic.
  • PMU Simulator has user friendly Graphical User Interface.
  • PMU Simulator is built on free and open source technologies.

  • iPDC on SourceForge, and FreeCode.
  • Wide Area Frequency Measurement system (WAFMS) by IIT Bombay.
  • If you get into problems, find this application useful or find bug in the software, just feel anything except nothing about it. Please feel free to contact us through bug report on Documentation or ISSUE TRACKER or email. Our motivation for further work grows with every mail.
  • Subscribe the iPDC project to get the latest updates about iPDC and PMU Simulator.
  • For report any issue regarding project or websites please email me.

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