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New features to PMU Simulator-1.2

Dec 13, 2011 at 4:38 AM
  • Simulator can read measurements from file provided by user.
  • Measurement file could be anywhere in the system, but it should be like as sample file with this release.
  • Measurement file must have UNIX time stamp, Phasor, FREQ, DFREQ, Analog respectively (Analog is not must but order must be followed).
  • User can select phasor type form voltage and current.
  • User can select Analog type form POW, RMS and Peak.
  • For fixed poind the scaling factors field has been added for phasor and analog measurement.
  • From 'Maximum Value' for phasor channel and analog channel, the PHUNIT & ANUNIT would be calculated i.e.
  • PHUNIT for phasor-voltage = Maximum Value*1000*100000/32768;
  • PHUNIT for phasor-current = Maximum Value*100000/32768;
  • ANUNIT for Analog-POW = Maximum Value*100000/32768;
  • ANUNIT for Analog-RMS = Maximum Value*100000/32768;
  • ANUNIT for Analog-Peak = Maximum Value*100000/32768;
  • User can dynamically add or remove the phasor and analog channels form configuration frame.
  • User can start PMU-server at any time as he wish. For every execution of PMU user will prompted to asked server port and protocol.
  • PMU Simulator-1.2 has option to add as well as remove the 'Configuration file'.
  • PMU Simulator-1.2 not handling the Digital channels (Soon in next release).
  • User can also have the option to change the data rate during communication.

       Note* : Scaling factor can be apply only on fixed point measurements from file not on auto generated data.